Hacking Using Bots

With the rapid expansion of online gaming, scammers are creating new methods to cheat casinos and people out of money. One of the most popular scams is using 'bots' in software programs to mimic players. These 'bots' are designed to transfer winnings to certain users and steal gamer's credit card information.

What is a 'Bot?'

A 'bot' is a pre-programmed software variable used to obtain information through phishing. It was estimated that over $3 million is laundered each year through online gaming sites that have been attacked by 'bots.' These 'bots' basically complete highly repetitive tasks at a much higher rate than a human.

Web Spidering

'Bots' utilized to defraud internet gamers use something known as web spidering. This procedure produces and automatic script that data mines for information. A savvy hacker can implement a 'bot' to phish for personal financial information as well as other personal data.

The Story of FullTiltPoker

Fulltiltpoker, an online casino site, was recently a victim of a hacking 'bot' protocol. The site was infiltrated by a 'bot' that managed to defraud players of almost $3 million. Since the attack, Fulltiltpoker has implemented new security protocols and is re-developing their software to prevent another hacking incident.

Criminal activity will always go hand-in-hand with online gaming. That is why it is crucial that gamers remain vigilant about which sites they use to game and what personal information they chose to share. Choosing a virtual gaming company that has worked tirelessly on fraud prevention is a good first step to virtual gaming.